Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Best Christmas Gifts

Today, I have a guest posting for my blog. I got an email from my friend about what she wanted for Christmas and so I decided to post it for her. We have been friends since the early '70's. Oops, I guess that ages me some. Anyway, she is just joining the digital age, but I haven't gotten her into blogging yet, but I enjoyed her thoughts and decided to post them. I did get her permission. So thanks Cheryl for your insight.

"Hi! I don't have time to learn to blog yet, but I had this thought come to me the other day when I was telling the girl's to get me their wish list!(not that they actually did) Sigh! to the good old days! Anyway, I was thinking about what to tell my family what I wanted for Christmas this year! The fruit or gift of the Spirit is what came instantly to my mind.

Love, is the first one, if we could all love each other as Christ loved us and told us to love, what a gift to each of us and the world!!.

Joy is next, & I have a hard time with joy sometimes, I am happy most of the time and I try to be a positive person, but pure joy? But, we are instructed to be joyful in all things and that is where it is hard, especially when we are having a hard time with something in our lives. But, I love to see pure joy on the face of a child, they will help you remember how to really just enjoy something won't they?I really have been trying to find JOY this year, Lacy isn't home this year so its hard, Bob is usually Bah Humbug! or the Grinch! And Lexie is just a teenager that is like her daddy! They don't get into the cookie making or decorating or even gift wrapping or buying! So I have to really search for joy!

Peace is third on the list, but I think that during a time of war and turmoil in the world, we all want peace. But, what about the peace that comes even in the midst of trials? I want
Bob to have peace this next year more than anything.

Patience is an oldie but goodie, most of the time I think I am the most patient one in our family! Then my impatience rears its ugly head! Lexie decided she was really going to help me clean house this year! I've said for years that's all I want is you to help me clean!! She decided to help me mop the floor yea! She mopped the kitchen tile with mop &shine wow! But, then she said she mopped the entry floor too! It is natural stone, granite and travertine! YIKES!!! You are supposed to only dust mop it or vacuum or damp mop with water!! Of course I went nuts! Poor girl! She hasn't done a thing around here all week! So much for patience! I handled that badly!

Kindness is next, I do try to be kind to people in lines, in traffic anywhere I can! Lost it today when I found out I had been scammed on the Internet, for $58, twice for a club I did't sign up for! I filled out something though so, unless the bank gets a police report that this is a really a statewide or nationwide scam, I'm out of luck on refunds, including the overdraft fees! I wasn't kind today!!

I did practice goodness yesterday! Gave the little bus girl $5.00 for a tip because she had to clear all those yucky tables at Rosa's. Gave my groomer a $20 extra tip for my expensive dogs grooming day! What a fun job! NOT! Glad someone out there can do it though! Wish I had enough money to tip all the people that do those yucky jobs for me!

Faithfulness, to be full of faith! At this season and at all times of the year! I am trying to be more faithful in my attendance at Church, in my giving of tithes and offerings, in my Bible studies and in all areas of my life! I am grateful for a faithful husband, friends, and family. But, most of all,for a faithful Father and a faithful friend in Jesus.

Gentleness, I think of being gentle with a newborn baby, a kitten or a puppy, But, I think God wants us to be gentle in all our ways, in word and deed. How we speak to one another, how we are gentle with each other, like He is with us, when we crawl up into His arms.

Self-control is last on the list but not least. How hard is it to practice self-control everyday, every minute? I can't do it without Him! I should pray before I do anything, that He will help me with self-control over my eating, drinking, things I might watch every now and then or even read or hear! I am not watching the news because of the doom and gloom out there in the world! I believe that is why He wants us to lean on Him, to come to Him so that He can give us this fruit of the spirit or these wonderful gifts if we will only let him teach us and direct our steps!"
References: (Galatians 5:22,23.)(Ephesians 4:1,2.)(Isaiah 33:15,16.)(Psalm 101:6)

Thanks Cheryl, those were some enlightening words and I agree, The Fruits of the Spirit would be the best gifts we could ever give or receive.

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Jen said...

A wonderful timely piece. Thanks Cheryl for sharing your heart so freely. I will add you requests to my prayer bowl and Ken's name also. We have a Brilliant God so we know there will be wonderful changes and blessings in the months to come.

Merry Christmas from Australia.