Sunday, November 30, 2008


As I was thinking about my next post the thought “honeycomb” kept coming to mind. I kept questioning, “Honeycomb?” Have you ever eaten honeycomb? I’m not talking about the breakfast cereal, but the real deal made by bees. I remember as a small child, occasionally when I would go to my grandparents, they would have a jar of fresh honey with honeycomb. Grandma would pull the honeycomb up and cut some off and give it to us. It was so delicious and sweet. I remember after all the honey was eaten out, the waxy comb was left. I’d chew it for a while, but then discard it, not knowing that the honeycomb was just as healthy for you as the honey. As I searched out the topic honeycomb on the Internet, I learned that honey and honeycomb has been used for centuries for healing and medicinal purposes. The more amazing information I found was about the actual structure of the honeycomb. It is symmetrical and the most efficient use of space of any shape possible. By making the honeycomb cells hexagonal no space is wasted. Isn’t that amazing that our God created the tiny honey bee with such mathematical prowess that they can create honeycomb after honeycomb and never once need to measure and re-measure and their craft always comes out perfect. In addition to efficiency of space the honeycomb cells are also created with just the right tilt for maximum storage of honey without any dripping out. Amazing! And lastly I discovered that the honeycomb cells are created in two layers. One layer can be accessed from the front side and the other from the backside, again, very efficient use of space. The only verse I knew of that referred to honeycomb was Prov 16:24 Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. (NIV) What could the message possibly be? So my first thought was that pleasant or nice words spoken were sweet as honey to the recipient. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything so I went to my computer and looked up the verse and the commentaries on “pleasant words are a honeycomb. “Honey took its place not only among the luxuries, but also among the medicines of the Israelites. This two-fold use made it all the more suitable to be an emblem both of the true Wisdom which is also true obedience, and of the "pleasant words" in which that Wisdom speaks.”(Barnes' Notes) According to another commentary, the honey from the honeycomb was the most precious and tasteful, good for body and soul. Another source interpreted honeycomb as symbolic of sweet words that preserve and heal with love. Finally in Matthew Henry’s Commentary it said “The pleasant words here commended must be those which the heart of the wise teaches, and adds learning to words of seasonable advice, instruction, and comfort, words taken from God's word, for that is it which Solomon had learned from his father to account sweeter than honey and the honey-comb.” So I interpret the reference to honeycomb to have two meanings. First the speaking of sweet, kind words that offer healing to those that hear them. Secondly the honeycomb can be symbolic of God’s Word, perfect in every way, sweet and healing to those that hear. I think it’s time to enjoy some honeycomb won’t you join me?

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Thare said...

I am joining you! Very sweet Words to live by...and once again...leave me in deep thoughts! Love it!