Sunday, October 14, 2012

October Inspirational Photo

Autumn is my favorite season of the year. The weather is always mild and pleasant and the splendor of God seems to be everywhere. The air turns crisp and cool and the trees are regal in their beautiful colors. Today upon arriving home the sun was shinning so brightly through the tree branches in our yard. I've always loved the sunbursts and to me they seem to be shouting the glory of the LORD. So this months photo was captured with this in mind.

May God's light shine on you during this beautiful season.



Jen said...

Because I haven't been using my computer as much since I have had my IPad I haven't been changing my wallpaper. Yesterday it dawned on me to check your site and find something new for my laptop. I know you have missed a few months here and there but I want to thank you for your faithfulness in presenting these beautiful photos for our use. They are truly reminders of how great is our God.

thanks, Jennifer

Jen said...

I need a new picture. It is a long time since October. I just want you to know that I miss your blogs.