Sunday, October 3, 2010

Inspirational Photo

The other day as I was reading in my monthly Journey magazine, I was looking at the first page of the magazine. Each month the first page is a nice photograph with a scripture. They are always so beautiful and so inspirational. Many times I've torn out the page and framed it to use on my desk at school and I know Lavonna has too. So . . . I got to thinking. Why don't I post one of my photographs that I took every month on By Grace Alone for you to copy and use as you want. You could use it as your background on your desktop, or print it out, or maybe if it really speaks to you even frame it, or print it to use on a note card or whatever else you can think of. Whatever you decide I hope you are blessed. I'm going to try to do one each month at the beginning of the month. So if you check back and there is not a new photo, email me or call and say . . . ."Hey Linda you said . . . ." Please leave me a comment if you do decide to take the photo. And I'd love to know how you used it. It is a really large file as I left it in the original format out of my camera.  Until next month.



Jen said...

Love the idea and what an incentive for you to find a great photo each month. I was able to put it on my desktop but my computer wasn't able to save it. Not sure why. Said my browser couldn't communicate with the photo I haven't as yet tried another way. except I have now saved to download folder. If that works then I can maybe get it into my picture folder for use on cards etc. I am sure it will work out in the end. Prayers work!

You take lovely photos Linda.
What kind of camera do you use. An SLR Digital. I just have a point and shoot Cannon D50. I still don't know what all the settings are for. I have tried to read but makes no sense to me so I just set on Auto and away I go.


Jen said...

I know I am a day ahead but wanted you to know that I am looking forward to November's picture for my desktop.